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Customer Feedback! 
from happy campers...

used Corel Draw since version 3, struggling for hours learning the program and then learning the new technical names in each version.
I am absolutely thrilled about your CorelDRAW training.
CorelDRAW has become a brand new program once again, I truly enjoy using it once more. No more hours to do something as simple as a jigsaw puzzle.
This is absolutely the best educational / tutorial learning I have ever encountered. Don't stop producing, You deserve an A+++++ for the wonderful work you have put into this.
I still can't understand why advertising people are still in love with their Macs and other design programs... CorelDRAW does it all.

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I'm sure other folks have told you this but you are an excellent teacher.
I like the fact that the series isn't "Hollywood" slick. The lessons are fun and you demonstrate many little tricks that only an experienced Corel user would understand. Also, you haven't forgotten what it's like to be a beginner Corel user and that's very valuable for me.
Your approach is very user friendly and the ability to stop and restart the lessons is so useful, especially since I've been using a computer for only about 18 months.

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How does it all work... Why CorelDRAW?

Who am I?
Hi, I'm Scott Georgeson and I have been producing Corel DRAW training for 9 years.. I have a simple over the shoulder approach which has helped thousands of users learn Corel DRAW. If your asking, “Scott, why is your training so different?” the answer is simple. As a user of CorelDRAW from version one, it is all I have known hence all I teach. I use the term "an over the shoulder approach" because I have received so many emails that say "I feel like you are right there with me when I watch your videos", to see what I mean subscribe to my free monthly videos on the left, or go to the customer testimonials

How will I teach you?
The artwork I use in the video tutorials is usually from a client or comes from a great idea that really shows off CorelDRAW's features, particularly X3. You will find it reassuring to know that I always research out the best shortcuts and the fastest way to achieve great results. I like to make sure each tutorial is broken down into small bite size pieces so you can try what you have learnt every few minutes.

What will you learn?
I am not one for a long list of covered topics, but rather I want to teach you the how, the why and try to make sure as many special effects and shortcuts as possible are used in each project. You will learn the how to of logo design, brochure design, layout, digital correction and manipulation of your digital photographs and pick up lots of great ideas along the way.

What course should you do, and in what order?
I am often asked this question. My recommendation is as follows.

1. MODULE 1: "CorelDRAW Ready" should be completed first. This course is FREE plus an admin fee and will teach you the basics combined with great tips to speed up your work. Learning shortcuts first and a proper approach to design really develops you for the next course.

2. MODULE 2 "Work Place Ready" Using the skills from Mod 1: this course will teach you all you need to know to work in a semi professional design position, for web design, brochure design for your local club or restaurant etc..  Dose not include Photopaint.

3. CorelDRAW Project Series. This product is something you will always want to stay in touch with, I have many designers and semi professional business owners who use this series to enhance their skills. This series is full of projects and ideas that encompass many aspects of CorelDRAW and Photopaint. 

4. The PhotoPAINT courses should be approached in the same way as I have stated above.

Try my "CorelDRAW Workplace Ready" course for FREE?*
CorelDRAW will come alive!

If you are new to CorelDRAW or just need a refresher, this FREE *course will show you how to create the Business card below. This course will show you my style and give you some great tips. I don't believe in paper based tutorials, so this is the real stuff, "all video". I use CaptureCAM-PRO recording and streaming technology to record because of its great quality and small file sizes. All you need to do is install an ActiveX control when prompted to...and away you go. Make sure your are using Internet Explorer.

My guarantee.
Is that I will only ever teach you real to life useable ideas and projects. The idea is, that I will equip you with the skills that will help you in your work place and at home. Please try my free course, most people really enjoy the refreshing approach.

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CD’s vr's Online Training!
We have had many requests for Instant Online training in the last few years and have therefore decided to make some changes. Rather than produce a CD on a specific topic, I am going to make all the training available online and you can purchase an optional CD as well. This will have huge advantages for you! It will save you time and money and provide you instant access to the main database. This means you can search for a specific topic rather than have to buy all the Cd’s to find what you are looking for.  The more courses you sign up for the greater search options you will have.

Well that’s my story,
But don't just take my word for it, read what some of my customers have had to say. All the customer feedback on this website is genuine and has not been added to!  Read more... Customer Feedback


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* Free course + $9.95 user admin fee.
Yes the course is free, however when you have hundreds of users downloading content from your site there are costs to maintain the system and guarantee it stays up 24 hours a day.. So there is a $9.95 fee for use. Your not paying for the course content, just for system maintenance, I used to teach this course over a two day period at a cost of $600 so hopefully you won't mind a $9.95 admin fee.