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How to apply for the CorelDRAW Ready Course.. Module 1?

Step 1.   Sign up.
Why? Because hopefully you will love this CorelDRAW course so much you will want to hear from me again and even consider one of my other courses. I will not in anyway breach your trust or confidence concerning your email address, it will remain confidential within my secure system and will not be given to anyone. The system will E-mail you a password and I will E-mail you a monthly letter and you will be able to remove your address from my system at anytime..

Step 2.    You will receive an Email with links and passwords.
After signing up, you will receive an email with a link and password.. Enjoy!.. and please get back to me some time with your thoughts. Did you like it? what's missing? what would you like to see? and don't forget, if you really like it, sign up for real and enjoy some of my other material, everyone does! The pass word will give you two months access.

Step 3.    Please come back
Come back sometime and pay for a course, this is how I survive ..Thanks in advance!

Step 4.   But I thought it was free..!
Yes the course is free, however when you have hundreds of users downloading content from your site there are costs to maintain the system and guarantee it stays up 24 hours a day.. So I have just recently implemented a $9.95 fee for use. Your not paying for the course content, just for system maintenance, I hope this is OK. I used to teach this course over a two day period at a cost of $600 so hopefully you won't mind a $9.95 admin fee.

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Ramani J.V. Iyer has recently completed the CorelDRAW Workplace ready course Modules 1 and 2

Hi Scott,

I am indeed very happy to convey my deepest appreciation of your CORELDRAW BASICS WORK PLACE READY TRAINING.
Can anyone make this exceedingly demanding software so simple and easy to understand and assimilate and then master so effortlessly and simply..  other than you ?

Being a master in one's own way and right is totally different from making everyone understand the basics - I repeat the BASICS - and master the software .. And you have excelled and really succeeded in that.

You really are a wonderful TEACHER and I ,as such , have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending all your learning to any one and everyone. Also the ease and swiftness with which I could get support from your web site, after a lapse of several years of my purchase in reinstalling, is again a point I want to mention and appreciate.

I wish you and your associates well and all the best and convey again my heartfelt thanks and gratitude in making me also a master of the wonderful CorelDraw.
Regards and wishes,

Ramani J.V. Iyer

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