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CorelDRAW Phone Support ...

- Call for a consultation and speak with an expert about CorelDRAW or Photopaint.
- We can even record a video demonstration for you to view within minutes of your call.
- Australian callers charged in AUD dollars  -  All other callers charged in US dollars.

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What types of problems do we solve.?  (Almost Anything!)

  Design problems?
  examples... -Layout and printing issues. ( you need a master layout to work from.)
    -You just can't make it look right.
    -Going to press, your printer is complaining.
    -You are on a deadline and need someone to finish your work for you.
    -You need someone to design and complete your project for you.
  Problems relating to using tools and methods to achieve your desired outcome.?
  examples... -Your images are pixilated and don't look very good when printed..
    -Your scanned photos need touching up ( what dpi should you scan? ).
    -You have followed all the usual steps, but CorelDRAW is just not working for you.
    -You have a very unusual requirement and need help to determine the best approach.
  IMPORTANT: Things to note.. Limitations.

All my staff and I have been using CorelDRAW for many years. It is most likely we have encountered your problem or should be able to find a solution. It is important that you understand however, that just like a doctor whom you see and pay for consultation no matter the outcome, our service is similar. Like a doctor our time is precious. The time spent on your call is time that could be utilized for another customer (patient) no mater the outcome.
My guarantee to you..
We will quickly inform you if we believe we can't find a solution to your problem. All design work will be quoted separately.
Each Support Option below has a different price structure, advantages and disadvantages so be sure to pick the option that best suits your needs and budget.

This service is only available to people who can speak and write in english!



pointer image For Instant help call now!  ( We drop everything to help you..!)   + 61 8 83705082   in Australia

Instant support offers you instant help. We will work over the phone with you to help try and resolve your issue immediately. If you need us to finish or correct you working file, we will provide a quote when we have received the file. All efforts will be made to resolve your issues ASAP.

point Price:
$3 Per Minute (Minimum 15 minute charge once agreed to start)
If the total is over 15 minutes, we will round up to the nearest five minute interval. When you call we will verify your credit card information to make sure it is valid and then agree when call starts. Any other form of support including web video will be quoted to you as an all up single charge.
point Prepare: Make sure you can explain your problem concisely.
point How do we help you? In person over the Telephone or we will record a web video for you to view online.
point Software: CorelDRAW / Photopaint vrs 10 -> X3
point Contact details: Call +61 8 83705082  in Australia between 9.am and 5.00pm Pacific standard time.


pointer image Standard Help ! Fill in the request for help form below . We will call you back within 24 hours ( Usually 1-2 Hours)

Please fill out the following form as completely as possible, this will send us a secure email. Once we receive your request for help, we will contact you to set up an exact time for the call. At the scheduled time, we will call you and go over the solution with you on the phone.

point Price:
$1 Per Minute (Minimum 30 minute charge)
If the total is over 30 minutes, we will round up to the nearest five minute interval. We will not charge your credit card until we have spoken to you. If you are unavailable and cannot be contacted, you will be charged for the time spent resolving your problem from the request for help email. Any other form of support including web video will be quoted to you as an all up single charge.
point Prepare:
When you fill out the following form, make sure your credit card information is accurate and provide a detailed description of the problem. We cant help you if we don't understand the problem.
point How do we help you?
Once your Request is received we will check your credit card details. We will then use your help request as a guide to finding a solution before we call you. We will only spend 10 minutes, if this is insufficient we will call you to discuss the problem and how long it make take to resolve. Once the solution is determined, we will call you and talk you though the issue or send you a video. Either way we will talk with you..!
point Software: CorelDRAW / Photopaint vrs 10 -> X3


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We will be in contact as soon as we have found a solution to your problem.