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How does it work
Pick your course, some courses have a simple one time all inclusive fee while others will be based on a monthly subscription (Coming Soon). Subscriptions will be sold in minimum 3 monthly blocks as it makes administration easier.  My recommendation is that you start with the CorelDRAW workPlace Ready training course, it simply is the place that any serious learner should start no matter what their skill level...
For subscription based courses, the subscription will renew every 3 months until you send me an email saying that your full and you don't need any more, of course I hope to keep you entertained and learning for years. The idea of the subscription based courses, is that you are subscribing to a large data base of tutorials and projects that is being constantly updated. You can search the database for a specific subject or take in a project at any time. It really is a great system!
If you're still not sure..., whet your appetite with the FREE CorelDRAW Ready course

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"CorelDRAW Workplace Ready"  MODULE 2   training course..... only $99
( If your a new user or have limited skills, this is the one for you ) 

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A specialized training course covering the key elements of CorelDRAW. Designed for both a single user at home and for the office environment, this program provides outstanding value for money. This type of course from a recognized training center would cost over $1200 and you don't get to take the teacher home with you for revision..

What is covered.
I could give you a list of titles, but if you have tried the FREE course, you will know it is packed. The best way to explain what you will learn, is to say that you will be able to use CorelDRAW in a comprehensive manner when completed. Business cards, brochure designs, clip art manipulation etc. are all covered. I have sold over 5000 of these courses on CD and I have never received a negative comment. This course has been revised and updated and suites versions 11 and up.

Ramani loved this course...
I am indeed very happy to convey my deepest appreciation of your CORELDRAW WORK PLACE READY TRAINING. Can anyone make this exceedingly demanding software so simple and easy to understand and assimilate and then master so effortlessly and simply..  other than you ? You really are a wonderful TEACHER and I ,as such , have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending all your learning to any one and everyone.

If you would you like to see a demo of how this works, subscribe for tips or try the free CorelDRAW Ready course.


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"CorelDRAW Insight"  Project series... only $29 for this project.
Eventually I will grow this to a large number of projects.
Enjoy the Lord Of The Rings Project for now.

Assumes you have basic skills. I recommend you complete the..
FREE CorelDRAW Ready"  and the   "CorelDRAW WorkPlace Ready" courses first.


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The Lord of the rings project is the first of the Project series, more will be coming soon.

The Projects edition is project based learning. There is simply no greater way to learn than by doing. Each project will show you step by step how to build up a great looking design. Some of the designs teach in depth skills about CorelDRAW and PhotoPaint, while others grow your understanding about the design process itself..
What is covered.
This subscription based area covers so many subjects, you are likely to find what you are looking for. If you cant, send me an E-mail and I will try to help you find the subject or I may even record something for you. The great thing about this system is that I can grow it based on user requests. I am always updating and publishing a new projects, so over time I would hope that everything of value will be available in one or more of the projects. If you have a real need to learn something quickly you can book a few hours of my time and I will create something just for you.
Here is what Paul of Sacramento, Ca. had to say about our previous project series.
I'm the kind of person who has to see to believe. The Click N Learn tutorials have changed my way of looking at CorelDRAW. I'm for the most part self taught in Corel. I don't like reading the tech manuals, they're much too dry. Your Tutorials have personality. It's like having a private tutor anytime I need one. I can ask you the same questions over and over and never feel guilty because I might be bothering someone. Thanks Scott .... and please don't ever give this up. I have every Click N Learn that's been ingeniously and painstakingly created by you and your constituents. I appreciate your past and continuing efforts. Thanks so much.
If you would you like to see a demo of how this works, subscribe for tips or try the free CorelDRAW Ready course.