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What my team can do for you.   (Almost Anything!)

  Designs Business Cards, Brochures, Magazine layout or template and design etc..
    Website design, small through to corporate layout.
  Training materials We have produced video training materials for large products and large corporations..
    CD or Web based training products.
  Media Centers One of our passions is the design of self playing media centers that will play Videos, Flash Files, MP3s etc for the purpose demonstrating a product or design.
Our largest such design was for Wacom the pen tablet company.
    Play on CD, as a screen saver or as a program.
  AutoRun CD Interface. We have designed a large number of interfaces that run the software and web pages on a CD. If you require a professional autorun interface with buttons, graphics, flash etc, we can design anything you require.
  Software Installers If you have a software package and would like a professional installer package for seamless installation and uninstall, call us. Writing to the registry, file associations, file copy delete, icon options for desktop, etc. nothing is too big or too small.
  Programming We can handle most programming work, give us a call.
    Call or E-mail for a quote!