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What's new in CorelDRAW X3  

My personal opinion ..
  It's not always easy to decide if what's "new or enhanced" is better or worse, the real issue is, how will the new features / improvements be relative to me, the end user? With that said I have to say, "X3 is a great product and the improvements will affect everyone". Its faster, more stable and has a bunch of new features you will actually use. X3 has more than 40 new features and over 400 enhancements Well done Corel.. Best yet..!

My review of CorelDRAW X3 ..
  CorelDRAW Graphics Suite is just incredible value. The two programs you will mainly use, are CorelDRAW for vector-based drawing and page layout (an easy to use and incredibly powerful graphic design program), and PHOTO-PAINT for digital image editing and photo retouching.. and let me just say... if you have seen Photoshop in action and you like it, PhotoPaint is every bit as good with out the hefty price tag.  There are also a number of useful utilities including, the new PowerTRACE tool for bitmap tracing (sign writers will love the accuracy of tracing), Bitstream Font Navigator for font management, Corel CAPTURE for screen snap shots and RawShooter Essentials for working with Raw digital camera files.

One of CorelDRAW's assets is its huge import / export support, there are more than 100 file formats including PDF which I personally use daily and most of the adobe graphic formats. You will also enjoy the large collection of clip art, stock photos, fonts, and templates.

The documentation for is X3 is quite good "not as good as my training products of course", however, there is a User Guide, a thick, spiral-bound Digital Content Manual, a quick reference card; and a new CorelDRAW Handbook, featuring "Insights from the Experts also installed with X3. "Unfortunately they left me out, boy what they are missing?" New users will benefit from the new Hints Palette which provides help for the selected tool, and upgraders will appreciate the "Highlight What's New" feature that identifies features that have been added since versions 9 through 12.

Would you like to see CorelDRAW X3 in action..?

CorelDRAW X3 Videos

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As creating video tutorials is my passion, I have recorded a number of examples demonstrating new features.

The examples are posted within a system called CaptureCAM-RELAY, this is the same system I use for all Click-N-learn training. You will need to use Internet Explorer and agree to install the active X control.

If you purchase any of my courses or subscribe to the free monthly video tips, the same process and format is used.

Make sure you get back to me some time with your thoughts..!  ENJOY>>>!  


My personal overview of features...

  • NEW! Corel PowerTRACE is a most powerful and accurate bitmap tracing application. It provides incredible control and flexibility, including color merging and interactive color mode selection. Sign writers..., you will love this product!
  • NEW! Image Adjustment Lab in both Paint and Draw is a a very cool 'one stop shop' for adjusting photo colors and tones. You can create a small snapshot of each alterations and compare different alterations before making your final decision. Very EASY to use!
  • NEW! Crop Tool is a significant time-saver. It allows you to quickly remove unwanted areas in objects, photos and vector images.  I LOVE This tool!
  • NEW! Bevel Tool adds three dimensional depth to vector objects. Great for an instant bevel on your text that you would normally have to use bitmap effects to achieve.
  • NEW! Smart Fill Tool is almost like an interactive Trim / Intersect tool. Imagine two perfect circles crossing over each other and you click this tool inside the cross over point to create a new oval shaped object.
  • NEW! Complex Star Tool is is a split off from the polygon tool. You can now draw complex stars direct from this tool with some very interesting star shapes.
  • NEW! Create Boundary effect draws an outline around the outside of all selected objects including any combination of vector and bitmap images. Great for creating a perfectly sized outline around a photograph instantly. I use this all the time, its an excellent tool.
  • NEW! Object shaping docker instantly applies symmetrical chamfering, filleting, or scalloping to objects. These shape commands can be applied to any point where a straight lines joins another. GREAT IDEA>!
  • NEW! Overprints Preview: allows you to confidently prepare objects for print by simulating the color of areas where objects overlap and preview these in the application.
  • NEW! Images, Fonts, Photos - 10,000 hand-selected, professional clipart images, 35 new WGL4 fonts, 1,000 royalty free photos.
  • NEW! Hints provide dynamic, context-sensitive tips and tricks as you work, making the suite easier to use and learn. I have to admit, this is great for newbies and for learning the new tools.
  • NEW! CorelDRAW® Design Collection offers 100 creatively varied templates that are easily customized to suit specific needs. These templates really do provide great Ideas!
  • NEW! CorelDRAW® Handbook — Insight from the Experts presents insights from CorelDRAW experts and showcases practical, real-world examples of accomplished designs and best practices. This is actually installed with X3.  But definitely not as good as my tutorials!
  • RETURNED! Cloning is back "AGAIN" make up your mind guys, however its great tool I use it a lot. Glad to see its return!
  • Enhanced! Photo-PAINT Cutout Lab they have have revamped the cutout lab and it really does take the need to be an expert out of the equation. I was able to cut an object out of a picture in 60 Sec's and it look great!
  • Enhanced! Shape tool options you can now select multiple nodes in a freehand mode. This means you are no longer limited to drawing a rectangular marquee around nodes to select multiple nodes.
  • Enhanced! Increased compatibility with commonly used file formats, including Adobe® Illustrator®, PhotoShop®, Corel® Paint Shop Pro®, Microsoft® Office, JPEG, and PDF.
  • Enhanced!  Interactive Fit Text to Path tool attaches text to a path with precision. A great effect for creating logos and signs, this new tool lets you interactively control text placement to get your desired results. Not my words, but says it well. Its a lot more sophisticated than previous versions.
  • Enhanced! Updated PANTONE® color palette, now including transparent white. FANTASTIC for Signer's.
  • Enhanced! PDF handling you can now create password protected files from the new Security TAB when exporting to PDF.
CorelDRAW X3

CorelDRAW X3 Box

What's in the Box?

• CorelDRAW® X3
NEW! Corel® PowerTRACE X3
• Corel® PHOTO-PAINT® X3
NEW! Pixmantec® RawShooter™ essentials
• Corel CAPTURE™ X3

• Over 10,000 pieces of clipart and digital images.
• Over 1,000 fonts
NEW! 100 creative templates

• User Guide
NEW! CorelDRAW® Handbook from the Experts.
• Digital Content Guide.
• Quick Reference Card.
• Help files.

• Win2000, Win XP Tablet PC, Win XP
• 256 MB of RAM, 200 MB of hard disk space
• Pentium® III, 600MHz processor
• 1,024 × 768 or better monitor resolution
• CD-ROM Drive